What is Facebook Marketplace

Friends, generally people run Facebook but do not use it properly and do not even understand this Facebook completely and many people forget this Facebook Marketplace while running Facebook and if they do not even see it, then its lack. To overcome this, we have given you complete information in this article like what is Facebook Marketplace and how to earn money using Facebook Marketplace, before we understand what is Facebook Marketplace, then let’s start –

What is Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an e-commerce tool inside a Facebook application, which we also call Digital Marketplace, where we can target the market and expand our business, from here you can buy and sell any product like Bike, Car, Electronic, Mobile, Garment (Clothing), Laptop Apart from this, you can buy and sell many things, as well as sell new and old things easily.

Here you can do all the work from your mobile phone itself Also works on Facebook Marketplace.

How to sell products on Facebook Marketplace

You can sell a product by listing in Facebook Marketplace, as soon as your product will be visible to the people and people will contact you to buy that product and you can sell that product.

In this, you can sell the product of Meesho, in this it will be easy to get the product delivered to you because Meesho will deliver the product by itself, all you have to do is list the product in Facebook Marketplace.

Before you can easily sell any product in Facebook Marketplace, you will learn to use Facebook Marketplace well in a day, if you use mobile, then follow the number given below step by step so that you can buy your product. You can easily add –

How To Add Product Facebook Marketplace :

  • First of all, you have to open the Facebook app, after opening it, you have to click on the Facebook Marketplace option in the right site.
  • After clicking, you will see two options, the first is Sell and the second is Categories.
  • You have to click on Sell.
  • Then click on Items.
  • Then for whichever product you want to take a photo, click on Add Photos, then add the photo.
  • Then the title of the product has to be put.
  • You have to set the corresponding price of the product to your margin.
  • Click on the category to set the category of the product.
  • The product is new or second hand condition has to be selected.
  • Whatever location you are targeting, you have to set that location.
  • The description of the product has to be added.
  • Keyword related to the product means to put 3-4 tags.
  • After that click on Next on the top corner.
  • In the last, you have to click on Public, your product will become public on Facebook Marketplace and after some time it will also be approved.

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What Can You Buy From Facebook Marketplace

From Facebook Marketplace, you can buy all the things like Home & Garden, Clothing & Accessories, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Hobbies, Entertainment, Property, you can buy all these things, here you can get anything at low prices if you want to buy clothes. If so, good quality products are also available at low prices, if you find the price more, then you can Negotiate with them.

What can you sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Whatever product you buy in Facebook Marketplace, they can also sell the product whether it is new or old like Home & Garden, Clothing & Accessories, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Hobbies, Entertainment, Property For Sale all these products can be sold. The person sells by adding his margin so that he can profit and earn.

Conclusion :-

Friends, I hope you have understood about Facebook Marketplace, we have tried to give you information about what is Facebook Marketplace and how to earn money using Facebook Marketplace, if you use it properly then definitely you can earn money. If you say how to earn money from Facebook, then you can bring an article on it for people.

FAQ :-

Q – Benefits of Facebook Marketplace

Ans: – In Facebook Marketplace, you can take your shop online, and you can also sell the product of any company, and you can sell the product by setting a limited place.

Q – How to create Facebook Marketplace

Ans: – You can prepare your catalog by adding any product to Facebook Marketplace and you can sell them when orders come.

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